Weekly Miami Fishing Report #1

The bite out of Haulover has been fairly slow over the past several weeks. Oftentimes, unpredictable weather and fluctuating temperatures make conditions less than ideal. On the bright side, reports are starting to pick up! We had a few bonitas on the vertical jigs and a decent mutton snapper or two in about 120'. We also had a few kingfish as well. Some of the spots are jam-packed with grey triggerfish. A nuisance for some, but a delicacy for others. There has been word that the blackfin tunas might be making their way down, but we haven't seen all that many in Miami yet. 

The winds this week are looking to make for some difficult conditions, especially for the smaller boats. Once we begin to move out of the transitional phase from winter to spring, we should see the action pick up a lot more and the weather in our favor.