Firstly, I would like to give a huge thank you to all my followers, customers and subscribers over the course of Sangrenel's first month of opening. It's been a amazing journey creating the brand and I'm really happy to see fellow anglers catch fish on the lures.

Sangrenel, The Name

Many people have asked me what Sangrenel means. To simply put it, its a type of improvised canister shot used by pirates long ago. Sangrenels were a devastating anti-personnel round that consisted of sharp scrap metal, causing severe injury to those that were fired upon. I really liked the sound of the name, its nautical/pirate roots, and the uniqueness of it. 

Fresh Restock and NEW LURES!

Over the course of the opening month, we received many inquiries about selling higher gram variants of popular jigs. We quickly sold out of all Kawa colors and sizes, in addition to most of Shima. These were the most popular varieties by far, so they both have been fully restocked! Shima now has two more gram sizes, 210g and 250g for deeper water. 

We will have 300+ gram models very soon! Expect them to arrive mid March!


We have noticed that many customers prefer to mount 2 sets of slow jigging assist hooks to their jigs. Since all Sangrenel lures came with one set initially, now customers have the option to purchase a bare jig (for a smaller price) or a jig that comes with 1 or 2 assist hooks in a pack. This currently only applies to Shima and Kawa, but will likely roll out to the others as well. 

If you would like to purchase assist hooks separately, have a look at our "Hardware" section, where we have hooks sold in single or double packs!

The Website:

The website has undergone a change in color scheme, as well as a few other layout changes. We got rid of the clunky header and a new other small details that made the site seem a little outdated. We had to take the site offline to make some changes so that customers didn't try to purchase items that were being edited. 

We have also added a Weekly Miami Fishing Report! The report highlights the catches of the week, the weather and other important information. It will be updated on Thursdays, and will briefly go over the action out of Haulover. 

More updates will be on the way very soon!

Thank you all for reading